"Business Performance Audit" is a term used whenever there is a need to distinguish between financial auditing and auditing that goes beyond financial transactions. .
  • Performance audits expand into operations, management and administrative performance of an organization.
  • Business Performance audits and operational reviews can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations
  • This allows you to identify and seize opportunities for increasing customer quality, improve service and even increase positive cash flow, ROI.

Benefits of Business Performance Audit

How can a performance audit benefit your organization?

  • Analysis of the organization’s performance data, performance measures and self-assessment systems to identify the right measures to guide continuous improvement.
  • Providing information to improve program operations and facilitate decision making by parties with responsibility to oversee or initiate corrective action and improve operations.
  • Identification of cost savings, services to be reduced or eliminated.
  • Analysis of gaps or overlaps in programs or services and recommendations for how to correct them.
  • Analysis of the roles and functions of the entity and recommendations to change or eliminate unnecessary roles or functions.
  • Through periodic performance or operational auditing, you can identify the processes and procedures that are no longer working.